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BestMyTest Black Friday Discount Codes 2024 : Save Up To 70%- Try IELTS Tutor FREE- How To Use BestMyTest Coupon Codes?

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Are you looking forward to BestMyTest Black Friday deals? If you are, you are at the perfect place. BestMyTest test prep course is the greatest for preparing for the TOEFL and doing well. I

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FAQs | BestMyTest Black Friday Discount Codes

😮What does the price of the BestMyTest TOEFL course include?

You will be able to view several plan options in the list above, and after checking out the resource allotment, you will be able to see how many resources you will be getting. If there are so many different subscription options to choose from, it's not difficult for you to discover the perfect plan for your TOEFL training requirements. Save your training dollars and don't spend more than you should. You'll be saving with our unique BestMost TOEFL coupon code!

👍Can you tell me about BestMyTest's video training?

You may watch a bunch of informative films on the BestMyTest website. While the length of the movies is not enormous, compared to other sites like Magoosh, the total volume of information is still significant. The main feature of BestMyTest is not video-centric.

🤷‍♀️What is the ideal location for a training facility for TOEFL preparation?

Their best TOEFL resource is the thorough TOEFL research approach. Most importantly, you need to have the best TOEFL courses, particularly the ones you find on this website; in addition, the most excellent TOEFL courses are those which are not here, above all, you must have the best TOEFL courses, especially the ones you discover on this website.

🙍‍♂️Is the BestMyTest Black Friday deal real?

Yes, of course, it is accurate. People wait for the whole year to purchase subscriptions like these. Most reputed companies offer cheaper services during this time, so we recommend that you don't miss this chance.

🤔What will happen if I miss the BestMyTest Black Friday Deal?

Since you are reading this article and willing to make use of BestMyTest, there is no chance that you miss the Black Friday Deal. However, even if you miss the Black Friday Deal, you can use the Cyber Monday deals.

💁‍♂️Can I really get discounts from BestMyTest Black Friday Deals?

Yes, absolutely. You can get hefty discounts during this period. All you have to do is use the Black Friday coupon codes, the ones most suitable for you, and enjoy their benefits.

If you want to prepare for the TOFEL, we recommend BestMyTest as a preparation site. It offers you all of the class-related resources, like tutors and videos, to practice listening and speaking.

Furthermore, it also gives you practice tests for your exam preparation. However, BestMyTest is a little expensive. This is one of the main reasons why BestMyTest offers promo codes and heavy discounts on special occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This could be the best time for you to purchase a plan from BestMyTest during Black Friday Sale 2024. Stay with us, and we will tell you precisely what you need to know about BestMyTest and how to avail the BestMyTest Black Friday discount coupons 2024.

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How To Claim BestMyTest Black Friday Deals & Coupons?

Taking it step by step –

  • Step – 1: Go to the official website of BestMyTest from here
  • Step – 2: Choose the plan of your choice and click on ‘Select.’
  • Step – 3: Now, create your account by entering your email and password. Then click on ‘Next Step.’
  • Step – 4: Then, you will be asked for your credit card details, and you will find a column asking to put a promo code. Use the Black Friday Promo code to update as soon as it arrives and enter it there.
  • Step – 5: Next, you will see a drastic reduction in the amount that was there earlier. Enjoy the massive Black Friday discount and benefits.

What Is BestMyTest?

BestMyTest is one of the platforms where you can prepare for TOFEL. It provides you all the course-related materials like videos and tutors for speaking and listening practice.

It also provides you practice sheet for your exam preparation. BestMyTest also provides a way to track your progress with a big user database of students from different countries that are preparing for TOEFL.

You can get an access to their materials and prepare for your test accordingly.

This tool is very useful because it provides you all the tools that are required for your exam preparation like videos of speaking, listening, strategies to write essay etc.

It has video tutors who teaches you how to interact with different people in real life so this is also very helpful for your speaking practice.

There are also some tools that can be used to track your progress so you can easily see how much you have progressed and what the major areas need improvement. It has a feedback system where students can ask questions about specific topics which is answered by their tutors.

It provides all the tools required for your exam preparation as it has as video tutors as mentioned above.

Quality of the material is very good because they provide you with all the important stuff that can be useful for your exam preparation, some tools to track your progress and a discussion forum too where you can inquire about some specific topic from other students.

BestMyTest is a good platform for your exam preparation. They have both paid and free courses so according to you convenience, you can go with what suits you best. The fee they charge is not very much because it covers all the essential things required to prepare well for TOEFL.

So in short, this platform is good because they provide you with necessary tools for your exam preparation. It is also affordable so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on exam preparation.

BestMyTest Features

Online TOEFL preparation

Review of speaking, grammar, and writing on an individual basis:

One of BestMyTest’s TOEFL courses’ best features is that you may obtain a limited number of individual critiques on your progress in the TOEFL Writing and speaking portion. When you submit a review request, BestMyTest TOEFL will provide you with professional comments on your work.

The straightforward user interface thoroughly instilled the TOEFL curriculum:

As mentioned before, BestMyTest TOEFL includes virtual study aids to assist you in navigating the maze of TOEFL training materials included in your course. However, some fantastic elements enhance the intuitive nature of the course’s user interface, such as the summary of the TOEFL course. The curriculum may be regarded as a curriculum map. In any event, BestMyTest is the ideal tool for maintaining confidence during the course.

Numerous TOEFL Practice Tests and Questions:

The many practice examinations and TOEFL questions are critical components of an online TOEFL training course. There is no better way to prepare for a standard test than via actual test experience and knowledge.

This is an area where BestMyTest TOEFL outperforms its rivals since it includes 20 entire TOEFL examinations and many practice questions.

TOEFL vocabulary aid:

One of the most critical components of language acquisition and TOEFL preparation is a firm grasp of essential vocabulary. BestMyTest TOEFL provides you with around 40 Flashcard packs, including often utilized TOEFL exam vocabulary.

The best online TOEFL preparation course

TOEFL Virtual Instructor BestMyTest:

With so much helpful knowledge included in the BestMyTest TOEFL course, getting your way might be a bit frightening. Fortunately, BestMyTest has a virtual tour that will coach you through the application from start to finish. This is the most straightforward system.

Pricing and Availability Choices are Flexible:

One of the most intriguing parts of the TOEFL BestMyTest course is the variety of membership fees and access choices available. These parameters will be discussed in more detail later in our TOEFL BestMyTest review.

Still, they will vary based on how much time you need for preparation, how many additional resources you need, and how much money you intend to spend on your TOEFL training course.

Extensive Lessons for Each Class of the TOEFL:

BestMyTest TOEFL provides step-by-step guidance for each TOEFL section. The courses are simple to follow, cover all areas of the examination, and include helpful hints, tips, and guidance on passing the TOEFL exam effectively.

Analyzing and Tracking the BestMyTest TOEFL Test’s Progress:

One of the most valuable features of the BestMyTest TOEFL equipment is its analytical progress monitoring. As you finish courses, practice examinations, and practice TOEFL questions, BestMyTest will send real-time progress updates.

Pricing at BestMyTest Black Friday Discount Codes

BestMyTest Black Friday Discount Codes

They have three plans to offer –

  1. Custom (INR 4250): This is an excellent choice for students who have high expectations of their English skills and the ability to study without help. You can select a term from 1-6 months for this one.
  2. Premium (INR 11500): This plan is meant for students who want or need a bit of additional assistance from their tutors. For this one, you get 6-month access. 
  3. Last-Minute (INR 2250): This is the kind of bundle that college students use when they are in a bind and need to study last minute. For this one, you get 7-day access. 

Top 5 Alternatives of BestMyTest

1. Magoosh

magoosh review

Magoosh offers a wide range of resources for those who want to learn English and prepare for the college admissions process, as well as those who need to improve their English skills before going abroad. They offer students a six-month course; at $134, it’s extremely affordable and well worth the investment if you’re planning on utilizing your English skills in any capacity.

Magoosh provides students with 140 video lessons, six full-length practice tests, and 420 practice questions. All practice questions have accompanying explanations that will help you understand the question better and solve it more efficiently.

Magoosh also offers study schedules that allow students to plan their studies according to what they feel is most effective for them. These schedules are also a great tool for students who need to stay motivated and on track.

Magoosh’s course teaches the skills necessary to succeed in the TOEFL iBT test or any other standardized English language exam. You’ll learn essay writing, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar rules, and how to structure an argument effectively in your essays.

Since Magoosh is an online course, all of the study materials and tests are available to students on any device with Internet access. Once you create an account, you can get started right away, and since the course is self-paced, you can work on it at your own pace. You’ll get access to everything necessary for your TOEFL prep, so you can start studying as soon as possible.

If you need to take the TOEFL for any reason, whether it’s graduate school or a specific job opportunity, Magoosh will help you get the score that you need. The course is extremely flexible and comprehensive; all of their courses are affordable and provide everything necessary for you to succeed when it’s time to take the exams.

2. Princeton

princeton review

The Princeton is a popular company in the US when it comes to education and TOEFL preparation. They provide services for TOEFL students in an online format. The company offers 18-hour tutoring packages for their customers, all of which come at a different cost. We will be looking at the 18-hour tutoring package for this review.

The TOEFL comprehensive tutoring package costs $167/hr and includes 18 hours of online TOEFL tutoring. Students will be paired up with an experienced TOEFL tutor and receive 18 hours of exclusive tutoring. Students will have access to their tutor through live chat, voice chat, email, or text messages.

There are also scheduled phone calls between the student and tutor. The course is broken up into 6-hour sessions where students can start at any time during the day or night depending on their schedule. Students will be able to choose from different tutors with different specialties in order to find someone who best fits their needs.

The Princeton also offers a 10-hour package for $145/hr and has similar options available during their sessions. The review course ends with an exam simulation to make sure students are prepared for the day of the exam.

3. Kaplan

kaplan review

Kaplan offers their TOEFL prep course for $349. The course comes with the Toefl IBT Prep Plus book which includes additional practice problems and strategies.

The actual online prep course includes 190 video lessons, hundreds of practice questions, 4 practice TOEFL exams, and teacher led video lectures. Kaplan has a unique tool that allows feedback on student’s writing samples.

One unique feature of Kaplan is their writing prep course. A teacher will grade a sample essay and give feedback on what areas the student did well in and also what they can improve upon for future essays. This option gives more insight into how each individual will succeed on the TOEFL iBT. A student can increase their chances of reaching their goal score.

There are practice questions online for each of the main 4 areas – reading, writing, speaking and listening. The more a student practices the better they will become at all four of these skills on the exam. Students can focus specifically on their weaknesses or try a variety of questions to see what works best for them.

Kaplan offers a free diagnostic TOEFL test that can be taken to see where they stand. This is helpful to know the direction a student needs to take in order to achieve their goal score.

As with any test there are strategies and methods of preparing for success. A student may focus on one area more than another in order to achieve their optimum score.

The online prep course is self-paced and can be accessed 24 hours a day. There are no live lectures that a student must attend to succeed on this test.

Kaplan offers a number of resources including additional practice tests, reading material, and iBT preparation. The lessons include strategies needed for each section on the exam.

4. Udemy 

udemy review

In the past few years, there has been a surge of interest in TOEFL prep courses as more and more people are looking to study abroad as a result of the rise of globalization. Udemy is one such platform which has helped to bridge this gap by providing a TOEFL prep course which was created by Maria Guryeva.

Maria first became interested in teaching people how to prepare for TOEFL after she received her Bachelor’s Degree from the Moscow State Pedagogical University and experienced difficulty in finishing her thesis on time.

She started looking for someone who could help her with the writing but found out quickly that writing services were expensive and not very efficient.

After she researched how much it would cost to take an online test, she decided to teach herself how to create online courses because it would be cheaper than paying someone to write her thesis.

This passion eventually led Maria to become a Certified Master Instructor by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages(ACTFL).

The course which is available for $114.99 and includes all sections of the TOEFL – reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The course is a bestseller on Udemy and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The complete TOEFL success course includes 10 hours of on-demand videos, 2 TOEFL practice tests, and 25 downloadable resources for more test prep. Students will have lifetime access when they purchase this course and will be able to access the course on any device.

Maria does her best to make the content engaging and interesting by incorporating different accents which are often used for TOEFL speaking prompts. This way, students can better prepare themselves for what they should expect during an actual test. Every lesson has a video portion which is followed by a brief quiz meant to test the knowledge gained by the students.

5. English Success Academy

esa review

English Success Academy is a company that offers TOEFL test prep. They offer one online course that costs $49 and has lifetime access.

It’s 100% digital, does not come with any books or additional resources, and includes interactive quizzes, 35 units of concepts to study from, 11 hours of listening practice, 5 full-length TOEFL practice tests, and a short diagnostics test to help identify skills that may be weak.

The course is a 100% digital experience and includes no additional resources.

All interactivity is done from within the online platform itself by clicking on different buttons to start a lesson, return to previous lessons, go back and forth between problems, etc.

Additionally, there are videos of English Success Academy instructors explaining concepts in detail. The purpose of the course is to get students ready for the TOEFL listening and reading sections. There are 35 units of concepts that will be studied, 11 hours of listening practice, and 5 full-length tests with interactive feedback.

The diagnostics test aims to help identify some skills that may be weak so they can be improved upon with additional materials.

The course costs $49 with lifetime access. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee if students are unhappy with the course. There is also a free 7-day trial period where they can cancel at any point during that week for a full refund.

Pros and Cons | BestMyTest Black Friday Discount Codes


  • Tutor help is provided 24/7. An instructor is always available
  • This app allows you to access classes any time of the day.
  • Optimized for mobile
  • An exclusive and free 7-day trial with no strings attached
  • With virtual teachers, you can be sure whether you are on the right track in every class.


  • It is not possible to make changes to the design of your practice.
  • Very expensive

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Conclusion | BestMyTest Black Friday Discount Codes 2024

There is no question that the fact that BestMyTest TOEFL is focused on complete preparation for the TOEFL should be highlighted.

When you consider all these factors, together with the quality learning tools and features of the course and the various price choices, the course ranks among the top accessible online TOEFL preparation courses.

Additionally, we believe it is the most significant accessible TOEFL preparation course. BestMyTest can be heavy on the pockets. Thanks to various discount codes that can make it very affordable for everyone.

The best of the deals Black Friday deals is coming up very soon, and we strongly recommend making the best use of these deals. 

20% Off

20% Off Everything

Get 20% Off Everything Code: PCORGBMT20



If you want to prepare for the TOFEL, we recommend BestMyTest as a preparation site. It offers you all of the class-related resources, like tutors and videos, to practice listening and speaking. Furthermore, it also gives you practice tests for your exam preparation. However, BestMyTest is a little expensive. This is one of the main reasons why BestMyTest offers promo codes and heavy discounts on special occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Out of 10




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  1. When people think of TOEFL, they often envision a seemingly impossible test to take. We all have been seen the infamous Purdue owl videos with poor scores and bad grades. They have no idea how TOEFL exams work or end up spending countless hours looking for flaws in their practice tests that should never exist and then take the ireful and costly gamble on other courses that offer nothing aside from false hope. Why do we let these things happen? I’ve got the answer: it happened because we failed to prepare adequately for this important exam way before hand!

    There are many opinions out there as what constitutes as good, high quality preparation material but as far as I’m concerned BestMyTest is simply best

  2. Out of all my online TOEFL courses, the best one by far was BestMyTest’s Free TOEFL Courses. The quizzes they provide are really helpful, plus their customer service is also top-notch!

    I found out about this website just when I was about to give up on passing the TOEFL. They helped me analyze some difficult topics in reading comprehension and speak more confidently for my listening tasks. I also managed to score an incredible 360 on my actual test thanks to this blog post which is full of tips and tricks!

  3. Witty monkeys! I was prepared to never find an online TOEFL course that offered what I needed, but BMT has been a lifesaver. Really easy to use and gives me time to practice on my own schedule. If you’re working around your busy work-life and want the best of the best in test prep, this is it!

    Product description: If taking an online TOEFL preparation course is what you need then BestMyTest is the answer for you with quick access 24/7 for those student who are traveling or those students who don’t have enough hours per day job hidden from sight. With more than 40 lessons, quizzes and adaptive learning sessions available as well as many other features such as vocabulary lesson

  4. I’m so happy I found this course because the other ones were just not up to par and it took me a long time and money too. I needed something that would help me study for my TOEFL test effectively and these lessons have been great. They’re really flexible, adaptive studies–just what I was looking for!

    The BestMyTest TOEFL courses are designed by experts, teachers from reputable universities in the United States who understand how hard TOEFL can be but want to make sure you get your best score possible on test day.

  5. I had the chance to use BestMyTest for a couple of weeks and I have to say, they offer a wide variety of courses which really help you prepare better. Some courses even contain lessons on current world affairs! So it helped me understand the material more with contextual knowledge also. The online practice tests were another huge plus, so you can improve your skills without worrying about time constraints.

    It’s very easy to engage with this site- from interactive quizzes that assess pronunciation & listening comprehension, speaking techniques for effective communication in English, grammar exercises that will sharpen my writing abilities and much more! This is fantastic because it means no matter what my needs or interests are there’s something for everyone!

  6. “BestMyTest is the best educational resources, offering online courses for the TOEFL preparation. In the online TOEFL courses include TOEFL practice questions, simulated tests, lessons, vocabulary, adaptive learning, speaking topics and more for the preparation 24/7. These learning courses are effective to increase reading, speaking, listening and writing power without any hurdle.”
    “Make online preparation now at the discounted cost by using BestMyTest Coupons – verified ones only which will save big on every purchase! The prices are never too high but always up with your budget!”

  7. BestMyTest is an awful site which has many bugs and bad support (it doesn’t exist). I’ve found many mistakes when doing my own solution compared to their second reviewer’s approval. Plus it’s not even great for user experience. You will find that you don’t get what you pay for here – just stay away from this terrible software company!

  8. I’m not very happy with my purchase. I thought I was getting a deal but when the site crashed and it took me 15 tries to make a login page load, I quickly realized that it is an awful product. On top of that when you click on “buy” you get redirected to some other site where they try to sell you something else entirely—nice one, sellers! There’s also no point in contacting the support because whoever answers your call speaks so fast you can’t understand what they’re saying anyway.
    I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone at all!


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