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Blogvault Black Friday Cyber Monday 2024: Save Up to 50% Off- How To Redeem Rocket Theme Coupons?

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Looking for Bloegvault Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals & Offers, BlogVault is the most reliable WordPress backup, staging & migration solution trusted by over 300,000+ websites.

This Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Blogvault is offering an amazing deal for the WordPress and Web Developers out there. Here’s the thrilling offer:

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Get Special Offers at BlogVault Coupons

Get Special Offers at BlogVault Coupons

About Blogvault Black Friday

It is the fastest website recovery tool with an average time of fewer than 5 mins. Check Out Blogvault Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Link in the Below section.

Its intelligent incremental backup methodology will never slow down your website and can back up or migrate even a 300 GB site with ease. Moreover, BlogVault is the only backup service providing real-time backups for WooCommerce websites.

How to Use Blogvault Coupon Codes?

1. Click “Show Coupon Code” button

2. Copy the code

  • Select and copy the code that is highlighted on this page (in place of the button after clicked)

3. Enter the code at checkout

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4. Enjoy your savings

  • Hopefully, you saved a lot!

What is Blogvault?

Blogs are an important part of many people’s lives, but the process of backing up and protecting your site can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

BlogVault is a WordPress backup plugin that makes it easy to backup, migrate, stage and merge across multiple secure servers.

This plugin is a complete backup solution for your WordPress sites. It automatically backs up your site from anywhere from every 15 minutes to once daily.

That means you never have to think about the backups, but if something bad happens you can restore your site in minutes.

BlogVault also provides powerful tools for migrating WordPress sites – including migration to and from other servers.

This makes it easy to test out a new WordPress version on one server, and then switch it over to another site on a different server instantly.

You can also quickly restore any backup of your website on the same or a different host.

BlogVault can do all this with just one installation of our plugin on your site. You can also install this plugin on as many sites as you like, and we give you access to all your backups and migrations from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, using our website.

Top features of  Blogvault:

BlogVault is literally packed with great backup and security features. In addition to the features, I really liked the design of your board. It is well thought out, well designed and offers a great experience.

Let’s take a look at the features of BlogVault.

1. Backup functions

In addition to the simple backup and restore functions, there are other intuitive features that make the backup experience interesting. They are briefly explained below:

  • History Backup History: Create a calendar for your backups to simplify administration.
  • Download Local Backup: Download the backup and save it locally. In case you want to have an offline copy of your backup.
  • Download to Dropbox: Link your Dropbox account to BlogVault and save your backups in Dropbox.
  • Migrate: If you want to migrate to another host, BlogVault will enjoy this experience for you. Just add your FTP data and BlogVault will do the rest.
  • AutoRestore: If you want to restore your backup, simply enter the FTP details, select the WP installation folder, and off you go!
  • Force backup: If you want to manually create a backup in addition to real-time backup, just click Back Up Now to force the backup immediately.

2. Management

Another amazing feature of BlogVault is site management. Displays statistics of all add-ons, themes, and site users installed in one place. You can easily manage everything from one place.

  • Add-ons: Lists all installed, updated, and updatable add-ons. You can also install new add-ons.
  • Topics: Lists all topics available on your site, regardless of whether they have been updated or updated. You can also add new topics.
  • User: allows you to manage user roles, add new users, delete users, and even change passwords.
  • Core: allows you to update the WordPress version of your website.

3. Website Backups

BlogVault is more than just a backup service. It runs on its own servers and hence the backup process does not affect your website.

BlogVault offers complete backup of the entire website including files and tables. It uses incremental backup technology to backup large websites.

The backups are stored off-site and off-host which means you won’t lose your backups if your web host or website goes down.

You can store multiple encrypted backups on a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive, or simply download it to your computer. There are also options to custom schedule backups as per your convenience.

4. Website Restore and Recovery

BlogVault lets you automatically restore a backup of your WordPress website. In case your website suddenly crashes, and you need to get it back online, all you need to do is click the Auto-Restore button.

There is a list of the backup version in the Backup History where you can select the exact backup that you want to restore.

5. Staging and Merging

With BlogVault, users can test-restore the backup versions before actually restoring them. BlogVault backups are stored securely and offsite making sure the backups are always available to its user.

Also, BlogVault comes with an independent dashboard so that you have access to the backups even when your website is down.

6. Migration

With a single click, BlogVault enables you to effectively move your entire WordPress website from its existing domain to another domain or host.

The migration process works on BlogVault’s servers, not yours, hence you experience Zero Downtime. BlogVault is officially powering the Website Migrations for popular web hosts including WPEngine, Savvii, FlyWheel, Pantheon, LiquidWeb, Cloudways, and many more.

7. Real-Time Backups Tailored for WooCommerce

Your WooCommerce site needs more than regular daily backups. For WooCommerce sites, BlogVault offers Real-Time Backups that store the most up-to-date backups so that you don’t lose a single order when something happens to your website.

It’s worth noting that BlogVault is the only backup service providing real-time backups for WooCommerce websites.

8. Website Management

MalCare comes integrated with a complete website management module that ensures better security to your website from a single dashboard.

You can Update Outdated Plugins, Theme, and WordPress Core, and even Activate or Delete plugins and themes from the MalCare dashboard itself.

Moreover, you can Add, Delete or Change User Roles of the Users of your WordPress website.

9. Uptime Monitoring & Performance Check

BlogVault’s Uptime Monitoring feature notifies you if a website goes down so that you can handle the situation before you start losing visitors. And Performance Check enables users to view the time your website takes to load fully.

10. White Labeling and Client Reporting

MalCare offers a premium White-Label solution along with an ability to generate beautiful and detailed Client Reports for Developers and Agencies.

Pricing Of Blogvault

Blogvault pricing


Pros And Cons Of Blogvault

Pros Cons
  • Supports all versions of WordPress (including 3.7)
  • Can affect server performance with long backups
  • No need to backup site files manually
  • Cannot export backups on demand if needed for security reasons
  • Automatically backs up your website
  • Provides easy management of every aspect of your WordPress site including Migration, Staging and Merging across multiple secure servers.

4+ Blogvault Alternatives

1. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is the original WordPress backup plugin that you can install on any self-hosted WordPress site.

When BackupBuddy runs a backup of your site, you can download a zip file of the entire site, so your backups files are always yours.

This includes not only your posts and pages but also your theme and other settings, plugins, comments and more.

Furthermore, with BackupBuddy’s robust dashboard and powerful features including: Two-way sync to Amazon S3, 8x faster incremental backups, cross-platform compatibility (Windows, Mac OS X), one-click restores from backups or Amazon S3 servers, unlimited photo galleries and much more. BackupBuddy offers the best WordPress backup solution for all your sites.

BackupBuddy is the world’s most trusted WordPress backup solution that allows you to generate a full backup, scheduled backups and even migrate your site from one host to another…all from within WordPress!

2. Acronis

Acronis is a company that specializes in backup solutions. They have one solution for all your computer systems which reduces complexity and costs, especially when compared with deploying multiple backup tools for different types of systems.

Acronis also has a hybrid cloud architecture and multi-tier/multi-tenant model, which avoids unnecessary, undesirable, often unplanned expenses.

The backup industry’s most advanced anti-ransomware protection is built for 20+ platforms including physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile devices.

Many people worry about the safety of their data. There are many different types of viruses and ransomware that can be harmful to your computer systems and data, and can cause a loss of important files.

Acronis offers anti-ransomware protection for 20+ platforms including physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile devices.

This is built around the Acronis Active Protection technology which uses machine learning to continuously monitor all file activities on your computer, enabling quick detection of ransomware attacks.

Acronis is a single solution for every system in your organization. This saves time and money when compared to other backup tools that are only able to back up certain systems or require additional licenses or hardware for different types of systems.

Acronis Backup Cloud’s multi-tier/multi-tenant architecture is designed to minimize costs and investment, while giving you the ability to use any virtual server for your backup environment (whether on premise or in the cloud).


Datto is the world’s leading provider of IT Solutions delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

The MSPs manage their clients’ IT environment with robust tools such as SNMP network monitoring, automated patch management, universal antivirus monitoring, and remote control.

Datto was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Norwalk, CT with offices around the world.

Datto’s products and services are available all over the world to hundreds of thousands of customers through an extensive partner network of MSPs.

Datto’s global reach spans North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Datto was recently acquired by Vista Equity Partners and has made a commitment to serve IT solution providers through continued innovation with security, reliability and support as top priorities.


Veritas is a global data management company that was originally founded in 1983 by Tolerant Systems. The company has since been acquired by Symantec which has now become Veritas Technologies LLC.

One of the most prominent features of the company is their enterprise data management software which includes backup, cloud storage, file sharing, compliance, and disaster recovery.

They also provide services to make data more manageable and provide solutions for organizations to create a unified view of data.

Everything we do at Veritas is designed to help you deal with the uncertain times by giving you the necessary tools and resources for success.

Whether you’re getting started or expanding your digital ambitions globally, we power IT so businesses can move faster and grow bigger.

Veritas’ expansive software solutions allow for comprehensive data management. The company offers backup, cloud storage, file sharing, compliance, and disaster recovery to make organizations more efficient and productive.

They also provide data management services that give customers the tools they need to deal with their expanding digital footprint.

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Conclusion: Blogvault Black Friday Discount Deals 2024

Taking advantage of Blogvault’s Black Friday discount deals is a great way to save on your website hosting costs. Not only are these discounts considerable, but they also provide access to powerful features and top-notch service quality.

Not to mention, you get to feel secure knowing your website data is constantly being monitored and backed up. With so much to gain from these amazing deals, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of them while they’re active.

Act now and avail of the benefits that come with BlogVault’s limited time offer: maximum value for a fraction of the price! So why wait?

Take the plunge today and start transforming your website for less with Blogvault’s exclusive Black Friday discounts!

Blogvault on social media:

50% Off

Up to 50% Off : Blogvault Black Friday Cyber Monda

Up to 50% Off : Blogvault Black Friday Cyber Monda



logVault is a WordPress backup plugin that performs daily intelligent incremental backups of your WordPress website with a 100% website recovery rate. And since these backups are performed bit by bit, your site’s speed and performance are never sacrificed and your server is never overwhelmed.

Out of 10




Price: $ 7

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13 thoughts on “Blogvault Black Friday Cyber Monday 2024: Save Up to 50% Off- How To Redeem Rocket Theme Coupons?”

  1. Rocket Theme helps protect your website and data by providing a variety of features. The most notable features include: website backup, document restoration and recovery, staging and merging migration, real-time backups tailored for WooCommerce management. More importantly security is improved through malware monitoring and scanning to ensure all WordPress plugins are up-to-date. I highly recommend using Blogvault Black Friday Discount Deals from 50% Off.

  2. You’re not going to find a better protection plugin.

    I tried all the other security plugins, and nobody else could really compete with Blogvault’s speeds or capabilities. I can tell they were put together by a team of professionals who knew what they were talking about – it’s amazing! And it even comes with so many FREE extras at no cost – you just have to try it out!

  3. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase. There was a ton of security software for me to choose from when it came down to needing some protection for my website, but I went with Blogvault and I’m really glad that I did. My site is backed up AND secure – talk about valuable features! Security has never been so valuable!!
    It’s not the cheapest option out there but you know what they say…the right price can make all the difference in life! Finally, if someone were to hack into my site, the recovery process is super easy-peasy!!!
    Good job Blogvault !!

  4. “I’m not one to advertise products that I don’t believe in. But Blogvault Black Friday Deals are worth any penny. The website migration tool is particularly good for my Woocommerce store, since it’s something I never would’ve thought of before.”
    If you’re looking for a security plugin with stellar features and ever better customer service, look no further than on BlogVault Black Friday Deals!

  5. I cannot speak highly enough about the customer service. They offered to help me restore my backups that had been corrupted and they helped me solve a couple of technical issues with the plugin that I was struggling with.”
    -Ease use, the product is quick and simple to install
    -Automatic backups make it a breeze… no matter how large your site grows 🙂
    -The multi-functional variety… great for blog owners looking for more than just security plugins!

  6. This is such a great plugin for bloggers! I’m so glad I found the Blogvault Black Friday Deals, because this literally helps me sleep better at night. The backups work reliably and fast, and so does everything else with Blogvault BLack Friday Deals.
    Protecting your blog should be a priority and getting to use this quality (plus affordable!) product that protects your content while looking pretty after saving money right now? If you’re not doing that already then you’re definitely missing out on something special. 😉

  7. I cannot tell you enough how this has changed my life as a blogger. I found out about BlogVault Black Friday Discount Deals and was so excited to see the 50% off the regular price! This plugin is affordable for any blogger, but they also offer competitive pricing plans for freelancers. I’ve been using it since September and haven’t had a problem with getting my blogs backed up or having customer info be lost in a hack. They also have an awesome price guarantee campaign- if your site is down from hacking again after you purchase, they will give you another year of service free of charge. The features are great too -they offer website migration tools, white labeling options, staging tweaks, even password security reminders on top.

  8. Let’s be honest – as a blogger, I’m always on the go. So when it came to keeping my site up and running, I wanted an easy way to monitor its uptime no matter where I was or what time of day it was. Blogvault has been a lifesaver! Practically every hour, someone from their team checks to make sure that there isn’t anything wrong with our website and if there is they fix it right away so we stay online. We deserve for this service because we work hard but one minute without traffic can feel like forever! Keep your blog up all the time with help from BlogVault-we recommend them wholeheartedly!”

  9. I have been using BlogVault for a while now. I find that it is useful when checking if my site still loads in incognito mode, because then the page won’t load for myself. This way i can see which parts are not loading well and optimize my website quickly to provide better service to my users who may be experiencing difficulty viewing my content properly.

    you know what they say? “What happens on your blog stays on your blog.” Well, with Blogvault’s Uptime Monitoring feature you’ll never need to worry about black-outs again! They’ll notify you ASAP if something goes down so you can get out there before the visitors leave forever.

  10. The performance is really reassuring and annoying with a wonderful blog. I’m a BlogVault customer for about a year now, and the uptime monitoring features have been great to know when there are site issues. A few weeks ago it slowed way down an nothing was going on with my content or settings so I used BlogVault’s Performance Checker, which showed me that my site’s server had crashed in the middle of the night! Annoying? Yes – but they notified me without being prompted, which was impressive! And it seemed like whatever they were doing to fix my problem just magically fixed it all by itself in less than two hours later too

  11. I was a little hesitant to use a back up program at first because they were either too expensive or the creators would charge me every year. But when I saw BlogVault Black Friday Deals, it all changed! Not only is the price really good for 3 years of monitoring and performance checking but you can also upgrade any time if you choose. The best part? They’ll let you know with an email when something’s wrong so that your downtime won’t be unbeknownst to you. Plus, their customer service team has been fantastic in helping me set everything up-they’re not going anywhere anytime soon 😉

  12. I have been a BlogVault subscriber for the longest time and I find its Uptime Monitoring feature to be very helpful. Let’s just say that I get notified when my blog goes down, so it helps me diagnose what went wrong. It also has Performance Check to see how long it takes your website to load fully.

    I hope you enjoy this product too!

  13. Blogvault is not a traditional blog hosting site. It promises lower prices and fewer distractions yet it comes at the cost of an unorganized and difficult to use interface. Try Blogpipe for a better yielding WordPress experience with less headache!


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