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CyberChimps Black Friday Deals 2024: Claim 70% Discount Now- How To Redeem CyberChimps Coupon Codes?

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday Deals on CyberChimps Black Friday Deals February 2024. We’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday, And we have all the updated Deals on CyberChimps Black Friday Deals, so make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest discount & Deals on this CyberChimps Black Friday Deals 2024

50% Off

50% Off on Personal Plans

50% Off on Personal Plans

60% Off

60% Off on Personal Plans

60% Off on Personal Plans

70% Off

70% Off on Pro plan.

70% Off on Pro plan.

70% Off

70% Off on the Business plan.

70% Off on the Business plan.

60% Off

60% Off on Personal plan.

60% Off on Personal plan.

FAQs | CyberChimps Black Friday Deals

🤷‍♂️What are the premium plans and how much do they charge per plan?

CyberChimp comes with three premium plans, namely the personal, business plan, and the professional plan for which the user has to pay an amount of 47$, 67$, and 97$ respectively.

🙋‍♂️What is the basic importance of CyberChimp?

CyberChimps is a fully customizable, fast, and responsive WordPress theme that offers you themes you need in the streams of Blogging, Businesses, WooCommerce, One-Page, and many more.

Go through this post and get the CyberChimps Black Friday Deals 2024 now.

Looking for a Blog theme? Searching for a business theme? Fed up with not getting themes on WooCommerce? Glancing at a One-Page theme and wish you could have the same? Want some great offers on the solution to these queries?

Here, I have for you the solution to all these questions and also a great deal that is coming on the Black Friday sale so that you can have the privilege of being served by the best.

The answer to all these questions is the CyberChimps plugin. The answer to the best deals that you can get on CyberChimps is Black Friday.

How To Use CyberChimp Black Friday Coupons?

By using Bionic turtle Black Friday deals you can save plenty of bucks. To avail of the exciting offers by bionic, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the main CyberChimps website using the links from this website.
  2. There you would find different Pricing plans, choose the one that you want to purchase.pricing plans
  3. Click on the buy option.
  4. You will Find a Have a coupon? option, you can click on  Click here to enter your code and enter the coupon provided in this blog. cyberchimps checkout
  5. Make your account there in case if you don’t already have one and fill in all the required information. create account
  6. Select your preferred mode of transaction and make the payment.
  7. Congratulations! You are done now.

Ongoing CyberChimp Black Friday Deals 2024 (LIVE)


The deals that any user can get if he visits the official website of the CyberChimp is mentioned below. There are various deals other than these which are way better and only available on Black Friday Deals 2024.

  • 50% Off on Personal Plans

The personal plan includes features like the usage on 1 website, more than 30 websites readily available, privacy support and priorities, auto-updates, sliders, and interactive carousels, video tutorials, pricing tablets, and portfolio widgets at a price of only 23$ whos base price is 47$.

Discount Description Updated On
60% Off 60% Off on Personal plan. February 2024
70% Off 70% Off on the Business plan. February 2024
70% Off 70% Off on Pro plan. February 2024
50% Off 50% Off CyberChimps February 2024

CyberChimps Black Friday Deals 2024 – Ongoing Sale

A day of sale when you get the desired plugin at a lesser price than the amount that you expected is the Black Friday sale.

Some deals offer you discounts above 50% and purchasing premium plans on Black Friday will be best for your pockets. Here are the deals that CyberChimp has to offer on Black Friday.

Pricing Plans

  • 60% Off on Personal Plans

The personal plan includes all the features and serves one website at a time. The user needs to pay an amount of 46$, but getting it on the Black Friday will cost you around 28$ and you save nearly 18$.

  • 70% Off on Business Plan

Purchasing this plan on Black Friday will cost you only 20$ as compared to the original price of 67$ annually.

  • 70% Off on Pro Plan

Purchasing this Pro plan on Black Friday deals will cost you about 29$ annually as compared to the base price of 97$ per year.

What is CyberChimps?

CyberChimps is a fully customizable, fast, and responsive WordPress theme that offers you themes you need in the streams of Blogging, Businesses, WooCommerce, One-Page, and many more.

CyberChimps Black Friday Deals

Making a website from scratch is very difficult as well as a lengthy process. To make your work easy, CyberChimp is there for you.

Over 50,000 websites are working with the help of designs and themes developed by CyberChimps. CyberChimp believes to have the top 15 most attractive designs over the internet.

Basic Plans for CyberChimps

The basic plans that are offered by CyberChimps are listed below:

  • Personal plan.
  • Business plan.
  • Pro plan.

Responsive theme

  • Personal Plan

The features such as the usage on 1 website, more than 30 websites readily available, privacy support and priorities, auto-updates, sliders, and interactive carousels, video tutorials, pricing tablets, and portfolio widgets are available at the price of 47$ annually.

  • Business Plan

The features that are included in a business plan the usage on 3 websites, more than 30 websites readily available, privacy support and priorities, auto-updates, sliders, and interactive carousels, video tutorials, pricing tablets, and portfolio widgets for a cost of 67$ annually.

  • Pro Plan

The features like the usage on 10 websites, more than 30 websites readily available, privacy support and priorities, auto-updates, sliders, and interactive carousels, video tutorials, pricing tablets, and portfolio widgets at a price of 97$ annually is the Pro Plan.

Features of CyberChimp

The features that make CyberChimp a must buy in the Black Friday sale are:

Features of CyberChimps Black Friday Deals

Benefits of CyberChimps

1. Multi-purpose WordPress themes

CyberChimps offers a range of themes and templates that are suited for various purposes and niches, including food blogs and websites for yoga studios. Whether you’re looking for something to meet your needs or just want an attractive theme, CyberChimps has the perfect one for you.

The themes and templates offered by CyberChimps are compatible with WordPress, so you can easily customize them with plugins such as WooCommerce. The appearance of the various templates is highly customizable with color schemes and fonts that allow for a balance between form and function.

Colors can be changed to match your brand, while features like related posts below each blog entry provide additional functions that improve the browsing experience.

CyberChimps even offers free themes that allow you to download and immediately start using a theme for WordPress.

2. Responsive Themes

This is accomplished by using cutting-edge techniques that can detect the user’s screen resolution and provide the best possible viewing experience. They offer many options for your website, like HTML5, JavaScript, WordPress, forums, eCommerce, forum themes, blog themes and more. CyberChimps gives you an easy way to make your site mobile friendly or totally mobile responsive!

CyberChimps themes are built on powerful frameworks that mimic the look and feel of the world’s top brands. Real-time updates keep your site fresh, new, and always ahead of the competition. Their responsive WordPress theme is what you need to see some serious results in traffic!

When it comes to CyberChimps themes, there’s only one question you need to ask yourself: “What do I want my site to do?” CyberChimps offers a number of options for your website. They have responsive WordPress theme, eCommerce plugins and more that can help you achieve your goals.

Create the best user experience possible with CyberChimps themes. Their WordPress theme is responsive, which means that your site will look good on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices. It’s what all top brands are using to ensure their success online.

CyberChimps offers you the best eCommerce plugins in the industry so you can take your business to the next level. They partner with the top companies in the industry to make sure you can always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

3. Fully Customizable Themes

Some features of CyberChimps WordPress themes are the fully customizable layout of page templates, site container, colors, fonts, styles, weight and size. These features allow you to alter the themes in any way you want them to look.

CyberChimps themes are free to use in any type of website. They are easy to install by simply uploading the files through your web browser or FTP program, and activating them from your WordPress dashboard. CyberChimps provides full documentation for all of our themes, so you can learn how to configure every detail in the layout. CyberChimps offers a full support desk, which you can use to ask questions and get the answers from our professional team.

Start your new website today with any of CyberChimps WordPress themes. You will never regret making this smart decision.

CyberChimps provides free video tutorials for installing and configuring all our themes, so you can watch them on your own. Our experts also guide you through the process of using our themes in a step-by-step manner.

CyberChimps is a one stop shop for WordPress themes and plugins. You can find every type of theme through CyberChimps, from some popular categories such as Magazine, Video, Business and many more. All these themes are built on top of our proprietary platform.

Provides video tutorials for installing and configuring all WordPress themes, so you can watch them on your own. Our experts also guide you through the process of using our themes in a step-by-step manner.

4. Ready-to-use Templates

CyberChimps makes WordPress website creation as easy as pie with their ready-to-use WP website templates. The ready-site template has demo content, pre-designed pages, as well as pre-configured customizer options.

They can be imported with a single click. They are also compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg page builders so you can edit or add elements to achieve the look and feel that you want for your website. No need to start building from scratch.

CyberChimps is a popular website for WordPress templates and plugins. They have been featured in some of the biggest international publications such as Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, Mashable, LifeHacker and more. Recently they’ve launched a new version of their site with a fresh new look that includes free & premium WordPress products (including both themes and plugins).

CyberChimps is your go-to platform for the latest premium WordPress products. CyberChimps also provides free WordPress products, tutorials, videos, news and updates through its blog that helps you understand web design better.

5. SEO-Friendly

Their themes are SEO-friendly, which means they will rank your site higher on the search engine results page. CyberChimps themes offer SEO optimization, social media integration, drag and drop features, responsive design, and more.

The best thing that you can do when buying a CyberChimps theme is read about it and how it performs SEO-friendly in the information section. This will give you an idea what to expect from the theme when you purchase it.

CyberChimps themes are made with SEO in mind, which means you’ll get a better ranking for your website in the search engines. This is one of the best features that CyberChimps has to offer its users, and something that will benefit them when they purchase a theme.

CyberChimps Black Friday Deals User Review 

CyberChimps Black Friday Deals User Review 


Agility CMS

Get Basic Plan at $900
32 People Used
Only 8 Left
Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

60% OFF AMS Coupon Code
55 People Used
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5+ Alternatives of CyberChimps

Here is a list of top 5 alternatives of CyberChimps-

1. Agility CMS

agility cms review

Agility CMS is a content management software that is designed to provide much simpler functionality for managing all your online content in a more effective manner. Agility CMS is completely cloud based which relieves you of deployment charges and the worries of maintaining servers at your site.

This software service has been designed to tackle the most common problems faced by website managers. Your web content is key to your success in market and so Agility CMS makes sure that you can present it in the best way possible, regardless of what format your content may have. Agility CMS as a result delivers value, responsiveness and simplicity to the user experience.

Agility CMS is a hosted service that comes with the following technical features:

1. Agility CMS enables you to create customized content for different sections of your site. You can also share information with other members of your team. It provides an intuitive user interface so users can easily manage their content without much fuss.

2. Agility CMS provides a comprehensive platform for managing content on your site, including the option of adding a blog.

3. Agility CMS provides a built-in search function so users can easily find their information. It also enables you to create RSS feeds that are ideal for syndication across the web.

4. Agility CMS comes with an administrative interface that enables users to perform all their tasks efficiently.

5. Agility CMS is completely based on HTML 5 and CSS 3, which makes it compatible with most browsers in use today.

6. Agility CMS has a number of themes that enable you to customize your website’s look, feel and functions to suit your needs.

2. Smartwcm

smartwcm review

Both products have a user satisfaction rating of 97% and 100%, respectively, which is a clear indication that they are considered the best in the field. In terms of pricing, both products are fairly equal, with CyberChimps costing $19/month for up to two users and Smartwcm costing $5 per month for one user.

On the other hand, CyberChimps has 8.7 points on a scale of 1 to 10 versus Smartwcm’s score of 8.0, placing CyberChimps above Smartwcm. In addition, CyberChimps is a “Recommended” product with G2 Crowd while Smartwcm is not ranked as G2 Crowd is not transparent about what it takes for a product to be considered “recommended”.

Based on the product reviews and comparison, CyberChimps and Smartwcm are highly comparable in terms of features; there isn’t a clear winner between them. If you would like more information on either one, you can read our full reviews on CyberChimps and Smartwcm.

Smartwcm is a customer relations management software that enables businesses to reduce the number of inbound and outbound phone calls and allow them to spend more time on the work. This will in turn increase efficiency and save money.

It offers live chat, lead management, email marketing, CRM, reporting, social media integration which will help your company grow market share and scale faster. It also offers workflow automation and integrations with other business apps such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, etc.

#Live Support: Smartwcm has a human-powered chat support team which you can contact through their website or through an app for instant feedback from a representative.

3. MadCap AMS

madcap ams review

The two Content Management Software products that we assess here, CyberChimps and MadCap AMS, are both great for enterprise environments. However, there are a couple of key differences, such as:

Features: When it comes to features and functionality, we find that MadCap AMS is markedly more complete than CyberChimps. For example, MadCap AMS offers over 100 features and over 600 content types while the number of features offered by CyberChimps is about half that at 54, and the number of content types only just reaches 300.

User Satisfaction: We also found that user satisfaction levels vary greatly between the two products, with MadCap AMS’s N/A% satisfied users contrasting with CyberChimps’s 100% satisfied users.

Pricing: As for pricing, you should get a good idea about the cost of both products by looking at their main features. If you are interested in finding out more about prices and licensing options, click on the button below to check CyberChimps’s latest price information.

To sum it up, CyberChimps is the better option when you want to find a Content Management Software product that offers more features and user satisfaction levels are high. On the other hand, MadCap AMS is the better choice when you are looking for a more affordable solution that has fewer features and user satisfaction levels are still good.

Although it may be tempting to just do a feature-by-feature comparison of CyberChimps and MadCap AMS, this doesn’t really give you an accurate picture of how these products compare against each other.

4. Marketpath

marketpath review

Marketpath is a Portland-based online marketing platform that was founded by former HubSpot employees who wanted to create a customer acquisition and CRM product that would help small businesses reignite their brand. With over 100,000 brands and companies using the platform to measure the performance of their marketing efforts and generate leads, Marketpath is quickly transforming how businesses reach and engage with customers.

The Marketpath platform offers four products: a CRM, a website builder, a marketing automation tool and an analytics suite.

Marketpath CRM is an online CRM that lets you track customer interactions across all of your channels, from social media to email marketing to phone calls. It includes integrations with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento.

Marketpath website builder lets you create a custom landing page or opt for one of Marketpath’s pre-built templates. The platform is compatible with all major browsers, so your pages will work on any device.

Marketpath is a CRM and Website builder, whereas CyberChimps is a CRM. CyberChimps has an overall score of 8.7 compared to Marketpaths 8.0. The user satisfaction for each company is 97% vs 94%.

Marketpath offers four products: online CRM, website builder, marketing automation tool, and analytics suite. Marketpath CRM lets you track customer interactions across all of your channels (from social media to email marketing to phone calls).

5. Netvisual

netvisual review

Netvisual is a wonderful Content Management Software that has great features. The Netvisual software has some features that are not found in CyberChimps.

One of the features that are not present in CyberChimps is the ability to handle large images by compressing them into smaller sizes. One of the drawbacks of Netvisual is that it cannot use scripts and custom code which can be somewhat limiting.

CyberChimps, on the other hand, is a complete package with an affordable price and 100% user satisfaction rating. They have a bigger library than Netvisual and provides more extensive technical support services than Netvisual. One of the downsides to CyberChimps is that it does not compress files so they may take up a lot of space and put strain on the system.

When it comes to pricing, Netvisual has more affordable packages than CyberChimps. This means that for smaller businesses who do not need as much power,Netvisual is the way to go even if they lack features such as custom code and scripts. Depending on how your company plan on using the software, it may be worthwhile to get a CyberChimps subscription.

With all these in mind, it’s easy to see why Netvisual gets an overall score of 8.0 and user satisfaction rating of 100% whereas CyberChimps scored 8.7 and 97%. They are both great Content Management Software but if you’re looking for a system that can handle large images, Netvisual is the way to go.

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Conclusion | CyberChimps Black Friday Deals 2024

Many people desire that they should have a blogging page and a theme that suits the page. Some people wish to start their own business and want a theme that suits them as well.

To get everything under a single roof along with deals that make our days this is the right time. I have a CyberChimp plugin supporter and CyberChimp Black Friday Sale 2024 coming.

Why waste such a great opportunity when you can get benefits of more than 60-65%. So mark the date, set reminders, check your connections, and be ready to get these deals Only on CyberChimps Black Friday Deals 2024.

Happy Shopping!!

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70% Off

70% Off on the Business plan

70% Off on the Business plan



CyberChimps is a fully customizable, fast, and responsive WordPress theme that offers you themes you need in the streams of Blogging, Businesses, WooCommerce, One-Page, and many more.

Out of 10




Price: $ 22

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  1. I don’t know what I would do without CyberChimp. For a blog that needs to run quickly and smoothly, CyberChimp is the best theme you can use. The shortcode window allows me to post new content on my blog with all of the essential formatting tools needed for each object placed within it – no more time wasted trying out different fonts or copy-pasting from Google Docs! With this theme, everything is simple and fast – it’s a real lifesaver for a blogger like me.

  2. CyberChimp is a fast, fully customizable WordPress theme that caters to your needs. There are deals for just about anyone on CyberChimps’ Black Friday deals, with discounts of up to 50% off already-great prices. It’s the perfect time to buy plan premium packages at unbeatable prices before Cyber Monday, too! Giddy up theming horses (totally unrelated) and take advantage of these awesome deals while you can!

  3. CyberChimp is a fully customizable, fast, and responsive WordPress theme that offers you themes for all of your stream needs: blogs, businesses, WooCommerce. On Cyber Chimp’s Black Friday deal the deals available offer you discounts above 50% and if your pockets want to help out on cyber Monday then purchasing premium plans today will be best for your wallet!

  4. “This is the greatest WordPress theme I have ever used! The colors are even better in person, and you can adjust any little detail of this sleek website with a few clicks. CyberChimp’s black Friday offers make my budget happy.”

  5. CyberChimp is seriously gorgeous. I know all the various versions of WordPress are lovely, but CyberChimp has got to be my favorite by far! My content looks great on its beautifully responsive layout and it’s easy to set up too. The features that come with it like the WooCommerce compatibility, One-Page layouts, and tons more make things really convenient for me because I always have plenty of choices no matter what design theme idea pops into my head. It also loads lightning fast which is amazing since I get bored super easily when loading pages takes so looooong to load when they’re not worth waiting for in the first place!

  6. CyberChimp is one of the most flexible and customizable themes you’ll find. It does all the work for you to make your blogging experience enjoyable with built-in video capabilities, responsive technology, automatic updates, SEO integration, social media integrations; it’s the next best thing! I love that Cyberchimp has helped me manage my online dental marketing.

  7. CyberChimp is a brand I’ve come to know and love. The people behind this product are always coming up with interesting, innovative ways to make blogging more customizable for bloggers of all skill levels. They do this in a way that’s not hard, in fact it’s really enjoyable! Their WordPress theme includes an auto-responsive height function which saves you time when updating your blog layout on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Plus they have tons of different designs to choose from! CyberChimp even has one-page features prominently featured in their themes so you can effortlessly take advantage of the beautiful scrolling animations!

  8. CyberChimp is sleek, sexy, simple, and responsive. I bought this theme for my business because it was able to give me everything that I needed. Cyber Chimp is stunningly beautiful with their design aesthetic yet easy enough for the beginner user to adjust it to perfection! The WordPress themes are wonderful because they include lots of different types including Blogging, Businesses, WooCommerce, One-Page and many more.

    I truly liked the Cyberchimp Black Friday deals too which offer discounts over 50% off on already low prices so you can save even more money before Christmas day next week! What are you waiting for? Get Cyberchimps now!!

  9. CyberChimp is the best theme I’ve ever seen for WordPress! They offer so many features and customizable settings, not to mention they’re always up-to-date with what’s new in theme design. Plus it’s already mobile responsive so you don’t have to worry about your blog or store looking bad on different devices.

    My favorite thing about CyberChimp is the one-click installation of plugins like WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, Add Customized License Plate if desired; basically updates your website automatically without having to do anything! And get this—they even come with more than 400 customization options like header backgrounds, sticky headers (I love that!), plus you can create social media feeds right inside your custom HTML area…enough said!!

  10. CyberChimps WordPress theme is a must-have for businesses, bloggers, WooCommerce users and more. The CyberChimp Black Friday deals will offer you discounts above 50% while buying premium plans on Black Friday. This deal is best for your pocket!

  11. CyberChimp is a great theme for your blogging needs, with loads of new features that are completely customizable. CyberChimp was created with responsive design in mind so it looks perfect on any mobile device or desktop computer. It also offers some really cool deals on Black Friday!

    CyberChimp comes loaded with lots of pre-built templates and also includes animated sliders, icon fonts, unlimited colors & backgrounds – all focused on being economical so there’s no need for upgrades or additional purchases.

  12. CyberChimps Black Friday Deal is one of the hottest deals out there, and with a click of a button you can upgrade your WordPress blog. Whether you’re a blogger or someone who needs a website for weekend projects, CyberChimps Black Friday Deal is the perfect way to get all your blogging done in one place!
    SEO friendly: With responsive design and over 40000+ active installations, what else could you be looking for when it comes to SEO? And with 15+ ready-to-go websites, CyberChimps Black Friday Deal has got this covered!

  13. CyberChimps Black Friday Deal fills the need for any WordPress developer which are looking to get on the ground floor with a new theme. CyberChimps is easy to use, simple yet versatile, customizable and free.
    CyberChimps also adheres to standards of SEO & Mobile Friendly while still being able to be loaded quickly even by old computers that you might have lying around in storage. Responsive is fast loading on mobile phones as well!

  14. I love this theme because it is sleek, yet functional. It is easy to navigate, with endless customization options for my business needs. There are plentiful pre-made websites that I can use if my content needs updating in the future.

  15. I’ve never had an easier time with a theme. The only tweak I needed was adding my logo to the header – which, by the way, is visible in all slider orientations! It’s fast to load and looks great on every device.
    I love this site over other themes because it has everything i need like post formats (lists, quotes…) and widgets (recent additions, social media…). Impress your visitors with this beautiful responsive design!
    The CyberChimps Black Friday Deal makes changing your website easy and affordable. For one price you get the domain name of your choice for one year plus hosting & support for 3 months or more along with unlimited domains should you wish to add them later.”

  16. Responsive is the perfect website template for any user. For free, you get all the seo-friendly features other websites are charging for. It doesn’t matter where your business is at just because this responsive visitor friendly wordpress will have everything covered by being transparent, organized and full of flexible RSS feeds! This Black Friday CyberChimps has made it possible to download Responsive while saving up to 50% on monthly fees.”

  17. CyberChimps Black Friday Deal is an awesome WordPress theme that was clearly created with the user in mind. I’m a WordPress developer and I found this free theme to be easy to download, install and use right away after searching through so much outdated, unused junk. If you’re looking for a reliable companion to start building your site or blog on, CyberChimps will do the job well.

  18. CyberChimps Black Friday Deal is a great tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to website design. It’s perfect for beginners because the readysites help them get started quickly, and experts can also enjoy CyberChimps Black Friday Deal for customizing their site with ease. Huge time saver!


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