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Pressable Black Friday Sale 2024– Get 15% Off Sitewide- How To Redeem Pressable Coupon Codes?

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Pressable Black Friday February 2024. We’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday, And we have all the updated Deals on Pressable Black Friday, so make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest discount & Deals on this Pressable Black Friday 2024.

15% Off

15% off New WordPress Hosting Plans

15% off New WordPress Hosting Plans Code: GHOST

15% Off

15% off New WooCommerce Hosting Plans

15% off New WooCommerce Hosting Plans


90-Day Risk-Free Trial

90-Day Risk-Free Trial

At $90

Monthly Pro Plan Now $90

Monthly Pro Plan Now $90

At $900

Annual Pro Plan Now $900

Annual Pro Plan Now $900

FAQs | Pressable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

👉 What are the basic services provided by Pressable?

Pressable manages WordPress webpages which include hosting solutions accompanied by additional features like free migrations, one-click cloning, and a user-friendly interface.

🤙 Which hosting plan offers the best service for my money?

Pressable provides a large variety of WordPress hosting solutions and plans to select from. The selection mostly depends on the user's requirement. A hosting plan can be subscribed by taking into consideration the count of websites used and the number of page views. For example, a small developing business enterprise can select a starter plan, and a large tech company could opt for a premium hosting plan.

🙄 What are the payment options for Pressable?

Pressable has only one payment option. It either is through a credit/debit card. Pressable won’t automatically charge for exceeding the traffic limit on your plan. Instead, they offer additional page views on an as-needed basis. This implies that you can be charged for exceeding your limit, but it also means you can choose to pay for customizing your allowance flexibly during busy periods. The refund policy also works similarly.

🤨 What are the free services provided by Pressable?

Free services offered by pressable include a premium plugin from Jetpack which provides access to more than a hundred free and other paid WordPress templates and themes to make your website attractive and professional. Free unlimited backups, WordPress tutorials, free secure sockets Layers, content delivery network, and a flexible refund policy.

🧐 What are Black Friday Deals?

To capitalize on the shopping season, Pressable joins the race to pull users and increase its subscriptions with flexible offers. Pressable Black Friday sale plays a pivotal role not only in terms of e-commerce turnover but also helps in creating a brand value. Analyzing the trends over the past years, sales during Black Friday are steadily increasing with gaining popularity. Survey says an average Indian buys 3 products during a Pressable Black Friday sale and peak shopping activity is recorded between 8 and 11 PM.

😎 Are Pressable Black Friday deals worth it?

Pressable provides a discount on webpage hosting services for every yearly subscription plan. Two months of free hosting is offered for the purchase of the plan mentioned above. For instant announcements, follow Pressable Facebook and Twitter handles.

🤓 When does the Pressable Black Friday sale start?

In India, Black Friday falls on Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA which occurs on the 27th of November this year. Pressable has already started pitching out coupons and discount offers on hosting plan subscriptions for this season. Focusing on presales warms up the customers for upcoming offers. This event has unfolded into a shopping marathon that lasts for several days. It is expected to start on Thursday and continue until the end of next week.

The Pressable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Season is expected to kick start on the 27th of November 2024. The data displayed below comprise the trends during Pressable Black Friday Sale over the past few years.

This accommodates anticipated deals and exciting discount offers. This page will be updated with exclusive information and a sneak peek into exciting offers as soon as they are revealed in the upcoming days.

pressable black friday

Let’s rephrase the term TGIF to “Thank god! It’s Black Friday!”

Time to tickle your sixth sense and tune into the shopping spree zone.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year.

One of the most reliable web hosting platforms- Pressable is keen to seize this Black Friday shopping festivity. Pressable has assembled an array of huge discounts on various products and services they offer.

Let’s take a stroll across the featured deals to help you update your shopping cart sprucely.

Ongoing Pressable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals And Discount

Get two months of free hosting service on Pressable with any plan purchased yearly.

Discount Description Verification date Expiry date Coupon code
15% Off 15% off New WordPress Hosting Plans 10/7/2024 11/31/2024 GHOST
15% Off 15% off New WooCommerce Hosting Plans 10/7/2024 11/31/2024 GHOST
90-Day Risk-Free Trial
9/21/2024             –     


Sale Monthly Pro Plan Now $90 9/21/2024             –           –
Sale Annual Pro Plan Now $900 9/21/2024             –           –

How To Avail Pressable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coupon Codes?

Follow the instructions given below to get the Pressable webpage hosting discount offer.

  • The first step is to open the Pressable website through the discount link available on the WordPress Blog website and log into your personalized account.
  • Upon selection of a Pressable subscription plan depending on your requirement, then click the “Migrate For Free” button below.
  • Fill in all necessary accounts and billing details in the following section. Enter the coupon code in the box below to avail of the offer.
  • In the final step, your payment is completed with the discounted price. You will get access to two months of free hosting on the purchase of a one-year plan.

About Pressable

Searching for a user-friendly hosting space to skyrocket your WordPress website to the top of every search engine? Without further delay, right-click to open a new tab and press subtly the words Pressable!

Pressable is one of the original providers of WordPress hosting. 

It has been specially optimized to synchronize with the needs of WordPress software after its successful launch in 2010.

Apart from providing the ability to handle multiple visitors to the site with fast loading time, Pressable also offers additional features like free migrations, one click-cloning, and a comprehensive approach to customer care.

Hosting Plans And Pricing Of Pressable

pressable pricing plans

Plans For WordPress

Pressable provides a wide collection of plans to select from, making it convenient for website owners and service providers.

Plans Pricing
Personal Pack $25.00/month for one WordPress webpage install and up to sixty thousand page views.
Starter Pack $45.00/month for up to three WordPress webpage installs and up to two hundred thousand page views.
Pro Pack $90.00/month for up to ten WordPress webpage installs and up to four hundred thousand page views.
Premium Pack $155.00/month for up to twenty WordPress webpage installs and up to four hundred thousand page views.

Woocommerce Hosting On WordPress

Plans Pricing
Woo Entry $45.00/month for up to three Woo-Commerce installs and up to Fifty thousand page views.
Woo Starter $70.00/month for up to Five Woo-Commerce installs and up to One Hundred thousand page views.
Woo Pro $105.00/month for up to ten Woo-Commerce installs and up to two Hundred thousand page views.
Woo Premium $Based on the usage/month and any number of Woo-Commerce installs and up to Hundred thousand page views.

There also exists a VIP plan starting at $750.00/month, which supports up to 150 webpages installs and ten million page views.

You can also customize hosting plans accordingly. A free subscription complements all these plans to the Jetpack Premium plan from Automattic, worth $99.00/year.

Key Features Of Pressable

pressable black friday- features

  • Automatic WordPress Backup

Pressable is identified as the right platform to trust your website with, due to its highly efficient backup feature.

This enables automatic backup of your site every day, and Jetpack premium service lets you restore these backups through a web-based dashboard.

Now you can operate with zero fear of losing all the work invested in your website at times of unfortunate system crashes or memory swipes.

  • Account And Website Management

Operating with optimized tools that enable fast loading time and assisting in removing any malware internally, Pressable has a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate externally. 

Enter a name for a new site, and it is ready for display in a few seconds. After configuring initial settings in the Pressable dashboard, you can quickly dive into the admin area with appropriate links to other features. 

Migrating an existing WordPress website to Pressable is also possible here. 

Other processes from here are pretty straightforward, with a list of different links for staging website testing, database access, and requesting account support.

  • Uptime Configuration And Support channel

Site uptimes are monitored continuously, and there is guaranteed network availability 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance time, with refunds available if it isn’t achieved.

All plans comprise 24/7 ticket support and VIP plans offering telephone support and a dedicated slack channel as well. 



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WP Engine

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5+ Alternatives Of Pressable

1.  Pantheon


Pantheon is a webops platform for open-source Drupal and WordPress websites. It is an app-specific PaaS provider, sold on a monthly subscription basis, with several support tiers available. Technologically, Pantheon applications run as software-as-a-service instead of running on users’ own servers.

2. Kinsta


Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that helps take care of all your needs regarding your website. We run our services on cutting-edge technology and take support seriously.

Kinsta is a hosting company specializing in WordPress sites. We help you speed up your site and keep it secure. We were founded to provide top notch WordPress hosting in 2013.

3. Hostwinds


Hostwinds also offers dedicated servers that range from $59.99/month and up. Servers start at 512MB RAM and expand to 96GB RAM for WordPress or Magento hosting.

Customers can choose between Linux-based and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems, as well as Cpanel or Plesk control panels. Both cloud hosting and managed dedicated servers are available.

The company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, with 24/7/365 customer service. Hostwinds promises to restore all data from the most recent nightly backup within 24 hours of any account cancellation request.

4. Cloudways


Cloudways offers a comprehensive eCommerce platform and solution that enables entrepreneurs to get their ideas into action, with the minimal technical expertise required.

From startups to enterprises, it’s a perfect one-stop cloud hosting service for all business needs requiring scalability and flexibility. The services have been designed keeping in mind the latest eCommerce and technology trends, keeping up with the demands of a competitive marketplace.

One can choose from various application stacks including Magento 2, WooCommerce & PrestaShop for their online store, and Drupal 8 for complex business sites. Another major benefit is that Cloudways offers extensive hosting options starting from €3/mo billed annually without long-term commitments.

5. WP Engine


WP Engine is the WordPress Digital Experience Platform that gives companies of all sizes the agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations they need to drive their business forward faster.

WP Engine’s combination of tech innovation and an award-winning team of WordPress experts are trusted by more than 120,000 customers across 150 countries.WP Engine is a Wix Platinum partner and has been recognized with numerous awards for its engineering, customer service, performance, and design.

The company’s premium managed hosting platform provides the performance and reliability required by the biggest brands in the world while remaining affordable and intuitive.

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Conclusion For Pressable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2024

Pressable has been the go-to destination for dedicated users of the WordPress hosting space.

Starting at a reasonable price of $25 per month, aided by an agile interface, impressive loading time, and the ability to handle multiple visitors simultaneously, Pressable is a serious contender for anyone who is seeking high-performance hosting. 

This is your one-time opportunity to experience the extra thrill of grabbing a deal that most people miss because they are not prompted at the right time. 

Time to set your alarms for the most-awaited shopping festival of this year. Don’t miss out again on the opportunity ticking away, right in front of their eyes.

Turn on your notifications for instant updates for the Pressable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale because skipping this sale means you will have to wait a whole year again!

Pressable On Social Media

15% Off

15% off New WordPress Hosting Plans

15% off New WordPress Hosting Plans



Pressable provides fast, secure and reliable hosting for your WordPress site. We're powered by a cloud infrastructure using enterprise-grade technologies to ensure stability, speed & security. Pressable is where WordPress works best.

Out of 10




Price: $ 23

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13 thoughts on “Pressable Black Friday Sale 2024– Get 15% Off Sitewide- How To Redeem Pressable Coupon Codes?”

  1. “Pressable” is the worst product you could ever purchase. They have extremely unreliable servers that are prone to crashing, don’t provide customer support, and development updates that are released as beta features without being ready for use. There’s also the issue of Pressable blatantly stealing customers product descriptions for their own marketing purposes. Pressable Black Friday isn’t just an appallingly bad service, it lacks all morals and ethics!

  2. Pressable was a total pain to work with due to several bugs and other errors. When they finally got it right, I lost too much productivity time because of the problems they created early on.

  3. Pressable is a hosting company for WordPress powered by their own cloud architecture provisions. They offer an intuitive migration tool that transfers your site over to Pressable provisions in about 20 minutes and it’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

  4. Pressable is my host and I’m totally loving it! Even before Black Friday they were discounted like 50% off the regular price, and now it’s even cheaper. Now I don’t have to worry about hosting my website; Pressable web hosting does that for me! Plus they’re very quick with customer service and web design, whether I need help or just want a quote. And even though they charge by month or 1-year term, you can always cancel anytime if your needs change.

  5. Pressable is the best option for folks who want to handle their Website setups without having to fiddle with servers or settings. Pressable takes care of all the server-side snafus and makes sure you can get back to work on your content. They’ve got a user-friendly admin that’s actually pleasant to use, powerful enough to manage databases and CSS code — it does everything we need! And did we mention they keep our site fast? That means less frustrated customers and more money in our pockets.

  6. Pressable takes all the complications out of hosting a WordPress site—they take care of all the server-side settings and make sure the server is optimized for my website. Plus, their admin area is super easy to use and it’s a breeze to set up development areas, manage my databases, content and website. Their CDN and included JetPack license is another big plus. Customer service and tech suppart are super responsive and helpful.

  7. Wonderful! It was really easy to access their service and I instantly felt like they knew what they were doing. They fixed my issue quickly and efficiently. What’s cool is that the customer service team also followed up with me after I was done working on my site, just to make sure everything had gone well and if there was anything else I needed help with (there wasn’t).

    I am totally sold and I will be recommending them to all of my friends who need hosting services in the future!

  8. I love Pressable because they always give me the best discounts around Black Friday time. I’m not much for pricing, but I know what to do when it comes to service. And their service is TERRIFIC! The dashboard is very simple and easy to use–easy as pie! Is that a saying? It should be. They also have CDN which has mad my website load faster than every before–it was quick and seamless with their install. Compared to our old company, we saved soooo much money in the long run and customer satisfaction went up by leaps and bounds:). Thanks Pressable, you guys rock!!

  9. I have been using Pressable for over 3 years and I really love the simplicity of their dashboard. Their prices are what got me hooked initially, but they also offer so many great features! Their team is always there to help whenever I need it too.

  10. I have been a customer of Pressable for three years and was about ready to give up. Managing my website became a time suck-big surprise, that’s what happens when you don’t do it yourself. So I needed an easy place to host my site and the simplicity at Pressable streamlined the process without all the wrestling. In just one day, I transferred my site from a different host with minimal risk of downtime all while keeping everything within budget. Now, I can get back to doing what makes me happiest – blogging! And it has been going offline since–it never has before!

  11. I am not tech savvy, nor do I want to spend time wrestling with my website. Pressable hosting simplified my website so that fewer plugins were needed– like SSL and it hasn’t gone offline since.

  12. Websites crash, pages break, and the web host you rely on is out of town for Thanksgiving–suffer no more. Pressable developed a modern-day hosting service that enables businesses to be proactive in order to avoid these hazards so they can get back to what’s important. Pressable gives users piece of mind with round-the-clock monitoring. In addition, it offers SSL security because hackers are everywhere and nothing’s worse than your site going down just before a big update or sales season. The company guarantees 100% up time all year long–with backups for disaster recovery!

  13. I am not tech savvy, nor do I want to spend time wrestling with my website. I transferred my website from a different host in part of one day and have enjoyed getting back to my regular work. Pressable hosting simplified my website so that fewer plugins were needed–like SSL and it hasn’t gone offline since.


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