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WP Engine Coupon Code & Discount Code 2023: Get (20% Off + 4 Months Free)

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Are you looking for the latest WP Engine Coupon codes to save you up top 20%. Well, I have shared the latest WP Engine Discount Code, deals and coupons to end your woes!

Plus, a lot more information about Wp Engine.

Before I tell you more about all the cool things WP Engine can do, here’s a special code that you can use to get 20% off when you buy their hosting plan.

20% OFF

WP Engine Coupon Code

Get 20% OFF latest WP Engine Discount code and coupons.


Managed Hosting Professional Plan

Get WP Engine Professional Plan at just $590/year.


Save 2 months on Startup Plan

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WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Coupon

With their limited-time launch offer, you can get three months FREE on any annual shared eCommerce plan using the WP Engine coupon code .

Wp Engine Coupon Code FAQs

What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific web hosting provider that offers fully optimized WordPress hosting solutions.

Does WP Engine offer coupon codes?

Absolutely, WP Engine provides coupon codes that you can use to get discounts when you join their plans. You can find all the reduced-price WP Engine plans on this page.

How to get latest WP Engine Discount Coupon?

I have shared the required steps to claim the latest WP Engine Discounts.

WpEngine $20 discounts

Exclusive WP Engine Deal

WP Engine has many new promotions. Remember to bookmark this page and return to it when you want to sign up and get started to find the latest WP Engine coupon.

The top working coupon deal is highlighted at the top of this page. If that code doesn’t work for you, you can try all the other coupons listed below on this page.

WP Engine Coupon CodeĀ 

The top WP Engine coupon code offers four months of free service and an extra annual discount exclusively for new users.

WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Coupon

WP Engine has introduced a new hosting solution specifically for eCommerce businesses. Whether you’re starting a new store or expanding your existing WooCommerce store, this solution is designed to meet your needs.

For a limited time, they are offering an exclusive launch promotion. You can receive three months of free hosting when you sign up for any annual shared eCommerce plan using the WP Engine coupon code.

This WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Coupon provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in eCommerce hosting. You’ll enjoy three months of free service when you choose from the eCommerce Startup, Professional, Growth, or Scale plans. This offer is available to new customers.

The eCommerce hosting platform, fueled by its faster, secure, and scalable infrastructure, offers a range of built-in features and solutions essential for online stores.

One of the standout premium features in their dedicated eCommerce plan is the “Instant Store Search” feature, which Elasticsearch powers.

Getting started is a breeze ā€“ you can begin with an eCommerce hosting plan or seamlessly transfer your existing WooCommerce store in just minutes using WP Engine’s automated migration plugin.

How to Apply Wp Engine Coupon Code?

Not sure how to apply WP Engine coupon codes and deals? I have shared the step-by-step guide to apply these coupons and how to install it in 10 minutes.

WP Engine offers a range of plans tailored to your specific needs, which we’ll discuss in more detail shortly.

Once you’ve secured your domain, you can navigate to WP Engine’s official website to initiate the hosting purchase process. By clicking on the “plans and pricing” section, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the available options and associated costs.

WordPress hosting plans- WP Engine coupons

WP Engine has created various plans to cater to different requirements, including Managed WordPress, e-Commerce Solutions, and Advanced Hosting Solutions.

Moreover, these plans come with a safety net ā€“ a 60-day money-back guarantee for everything except premium and custom plans. If you’re dissatisfied with WP Engine’s services or website within the initial 60 days of purchase, you’re entitled to a refund.

Upon selecting the plan that aligns with your preferences, you’ll be directed to the account setup page.

Here, you’ll encounter your cart and the opportunity to enhance your website with add-ons. Next, apply the coupon in the checkout cart in WpEngine.

WpEngine $20 discounts

You’ll need to fill in your billing information and meticulously review your entries to ensure accuracy.

Once you’re confident everything is correct, clicking the “Pay Now” button finalizes the payment process. Upon successful payment, you’ll be able to progress to the next steps with a sense of accomplishment.

Congratulations! Your Wp Engine Coupon Code is applied and up for use.

WP Engine Pricing: Discounted Packages

The pricing plans offered by WP Engine are flexible but a bit pricy. But it’s worth paying when I compared the performance and value we’re getting with its robust hosting.

Let’s take a look at the pricing plans offered by WP Engine.

WordPress hosting plans- WP Engine coupons

WP Engine includes 4 plans for small, growing, and large businesses. Let’s have a look at its pricing details.

WpEngine pricing plans

Although the coupon code works for monthly plans, you will see more savings if you decide to pay annually, as you also have the annual discount applied in addition to the discount offered by the exclusive WP Engine coupon code.

Startup – $27/month or $300/year

  • 25k visits/month
  • 10GB local storage
  • 50GB bandwidth/month
  • 1 site included

Growth – $103/month or $1150/year

  • 100,000 visits/month
  • 20GB local storage
  • 200GB bandwidth/month
  • 10 sites included

Scale – $261/month or $2900/year

  • 400,000 visits/month
  • 50GB local storage
  • 500GB bandwidth/month
  • 30 sites included

Custom – Contact them for custom prices

  • Millions of visits/month
  • 100GB-1TB local storage
  • 400GB+ bandwidth/month
  • 30 sites included.

WP Engine Overview:Ā 

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific web hosting provider that offers fully optimized WordPress hosting solutions. Compared to many other WordPress hosts, WP Engine is not cheap but has plenty of performance tracking and diagnostic options.

WP Engine manages your business faster with the first and only digital WordPress platform. WP Engine offers WordPress’s best value and development in a reliable authoring architecture with unparalleled speed, scalability and security for your website.

WP Engine Review

This platform is designed on four pillars: dexterity, performance, intelligence, and integration so that you can enjoy simple website configurations, simple workflows, stress-free aspects, and easy maintenance.

You can get these amazing services at just 20% OFF using our Wp Engine Coupon code.

Here are the quick takeaways on WP Engine:

  • Genesis Framework with 35+ Studio themes
  • 24/7 chat and email support.
  • Development, Staging, and Production environments.
  • Global CDN & automated SSL certificates.

Who Is WP Engine For?

WP Engine is an excellent choice for users looking for top-tier managed WordPress hosting, and they also offer dedicated solutions tailored to specific audiences:

  • Small and Medium Businesses: WP Engine’s solutions are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, including blogs. Their technology and services are designed to be user-friendly and scalable, accommodating the needs of growing businesses effectively.
  • Digital Agencies: WP Engine is a preferred hosting choice for many leading digital agencies. They provide reliable hosting, co-marketing opportunities, and advanced developer tools.
  • Enterprise Clients: Their high-performance infrastructure allows them to deliver various enterprise-grade solutions, making them a reliable choice for organizations with demanding WordPress hosting needs.

Key Features of WP Engine

Let’s have a look at WP Engine’s core features.

Creative Agility

With WP Engine, you can quickly and easily create exceptional web experiences to move your business faster with open-source flexibility, access to a vast global network of developers, unlimited workspaces, and one-click tools to simplify organization, testing, and distribution.

Creative Agility on WP Engine

In the age of agility, customers expect important, personalized, and usable digital experiences instantly. Brands that cannot move quickly cannot survive.

Their digital experience platform provides the agility to quickly create, carefully manage, efficiently customize, and publish.

You can grow your business and easily manage your digital experiences with WP Engine. Ensure your site is updated automatically, quickly change with management and orientation tools, and rely on a team of WordPress experts ready to help you when needed.

Enterprise Performance

Wp Engine Annual Discount Offer

According to Google / SOASTA, 40% of customers leave a page loaded in over three seconds. And 79% of customers unsatisfied with the site’s results say they are less likely to buy back from the same site.

WP Engine increases the speed of your website and gives you the information you need to make it even faster.

Whether you shuffle a few thousand visitors a day through an e-commerce shopping experience or attract millions of visitors for your content per day, the digital experience needs to be accessible and fast-loading to attract your viewers and surprise them.

The cloud-based solutions of WP Engine give your sites high accessibility, speed, scalability, and security so you can move forward with confidence.

Working with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, WP Engine enhances its digital experiences with the most advanced architecture these companies use to gain digital experiences.

Global data centers and cloud coverage enable your visitors to quickly access and load your site wherever they are in the world.

Automated SSL CertificatesĀ 

SSL is something important that many hosting providers provide. WP Engine makes it easy for you. If you add a domain to your account, they can automatically set up SSL for it. In your WP Engine account, you can find choices for SSL for the domains you add.

WP Engine offers more than just free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates.

You can also buy and set up premium RapidSSL Wildcard Certificates right from your hosting dashboard. And if you’re using the Growth or Scale plans, there’s even a way to bring in SSL certificates from elsewhere.

24/7/365 Support

WP Engine provides excellent support every day, around the clock, no matter which plan you choose. Their support team consists of experts who really know WordPress, which sets them apart from regular web hosting or cloud hosting providers.

WP Engine proudly claims to have the biggest team of WordPress experts in the business.

Global CDN

When you choose a WP Engine plan, you get something special: a free Global Content Delivery Network (CDN). This CDN helps your website load faster by spreading its resources across servers worldwide. Usually, other WordPress hosting providers charge extra for this feature, but WP Engine customers can use the powerful MaxCDN Global CDN without paying anything extra for their websites.

Smart Plugin manager

WP Engine has a “Smart Plugin Manager” to help. It checks for updates automatically and makes sure your website stays safe and works well when these updates happen.

This is super important, especially if you have many WordPress sites. Keeping track of updates can be a pain. But with the Smart Plugin Manager, your plugins are always fresh, and your site is safe from problems.

Headless WordPress Solutions

WP Engine has also introduced Atlas, which is made for developers. It’s all about making WordPress super powerful. With Atlas, developers can make WordPress do more cool stuff while keeping it safe and able to handle lots of visitors.

If you want a WordPress host that’s fast and super secure, WP Engine is a smart choice.

And, here’s a bonus: if you sign up for a whole year, they’ll give you two extra months for free. That’s on top of the two free months they already offer with our special WP Engine promo code. So, you get a total of four free months!

WP Engine PerformanceĀ 

The performance of the hosting matters more than features and support because performance can make or break a website in the matter of the user’s trust. That’s why WP Engine offers so many performance-enhancing features, like:

  • A CDN Service with all included plans
  • Page Performance solution to test your site’s speed and helps to make improvements.
  • To optimize your site for specific regions, they are providing an add-on called GeoTarget.
  • A list of huge server locations that includes data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • Quick and easy migrations
  • A free SSL certificate

Let’s have a look at other performance tests of WP Engine:

Speed Test

I’ve used the Pingdom tool to run the speed test of WP Engine, and what I found out:

WPX Hosting Speed test

  • It is 10x faster than other managed WordPress hosting tools.
  • Takes barely one second to load the page.
  • Faster than 96% of tested sites.
  • Performance grade – A (94)

These results are without installing any performance optimization, which is quite good for any managed hosting.

Server Response Time

Server response time always shows results in ms (millisecond). After testing the server response time of WP Engine, I’ve found pretty good responses. The server response is between 65ms and 400ms, which is practically good.

Load Impact Test

Now, let’s move to load impact tests. I’ve put the WP Engine server response under peak traffic to measure the load impact test.Ā 

After testing, I found that the site performed very well, up to 80 users, before slowing down, but remained steady throughout the test.

Pros & Cons of WP Engine


  • Site staging includedĀ 
  • Automated site migration
  • Unlimited data transfers
  • Dedicated expert support
  • Optimized for WordPress Users
  • Solid & consistent performance
  • Daily backups and plugin updates
  • A grade page speed and server response


  • Prices are a bit high
  • No domain registrations.Ā 

Why switch to WP Engine?Ā 

If you’re thinking about switching to WP Engine from another WordPress hosting provider, you’re making a smart choice. WP Engine offers top-notch managed WordPress hosting that’s also affordable.

There are some good reasons to switch. One big one is speed. WP Engine makes your site load fast. Plus, their customer support is awesome.

Now, it’s true, WP Engine isn’t the cheapest option for managed WordPress hosting. You’ll pay a bit more. But you’ll see why it’s worth it once you use their hosting.

WP Engine is a solid choice if you want high-quality WordPress hosting without wasting time and money searching for the best.

They’re also really into staying up-to-date with the latest technology and ensuring your site is secure and speedy.

So, if you’re serious about your WordPress site’s speed and security (which you should be), WP Engine is a great choice.

WP Engine Deals and PromotionsĀ 

Free Premium StudioPress Themes

When you sign up for any WP Engine plan, you’ll get something awesome for free ā€“ the Genesis Framework and more than 35 premium StudioPress themes. It’s all included, no extra cost!

Get StudioPress Theme

WP Engine Core Web Vitals Coupon Code

To assist users in boosting their Core Web Vital scores, WP Engine is giving a special offer of 4 Months Free on all their plans. WP Engine, known for its fast WordPress hosting, aims to aid users in achieving better scores for key web performance factors like Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), which Google uses to rank websites.

Here are the details for the WP Engine Coupon code offer to enhance Core Web Vitals:

WP Engine Discount Code: Get 4 months FREE on any yearly shared plans at WP Engine, or save 20% on monthly plans.


WP Engine is a good option if you are looking for seamless WordPress web hosting. WP Engine is perfect for bloggers and companies who want to stop wasting time on technical details and find a working WordPress host.

Developers and freelancers find that the advanced features of WP Engine save time for customer WordPress development. And growing companies will find enough space to expand hosting with increased traffic.

WP Engine has a bit of a high-pricing plan. However, you will receive a quality management web host for your investment. This provider offers many important features unique to WordPress, secure performance and reliable support. If the WP Engine fits your budget, it is worth considering.

We hope our WP Engine Coupon Code helped you get an exclusive discount offer on WP Engine hosting plans.

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$580 off

Save $580 on Scale Plan

Switch to annual prepay to save $580 by getting 2 months free.

$25 OFF

$25 OFF WP Engine Start Up Discount Plan

Start with WP Engine Coupon Code

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